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November 20, 2022

Included artists of compilation releases in the "sort by artist" tab. It may have made the page a bit cluttered, so if you find it annoying, lemme know ig? Also just if you have any suggestions for features on the website, I'm always looking for more things to add. Thanks for stopping by! :D
November 19, 2022

HEY ALL if you look on the sidebar to the left of this box you will see a new option... that's right there is a sorting option now oh yeahhhh
so far you can sort by artist, country, genre, and release type, but i may add more
i am sure that my javascript is fuuuucked but likeee, it's fine probably i'll just clean it up,,, later
enjoy >:3
November 9, 2022

If you scroll below this very update box, you will find a box of every release. It may not seem like much, but it is completely automated using into from the JSON file.
this took me forever but holy shit i am so proud of myself idc that the code is disturbingly messy
Also, it may look the same, but the music page is entirely automated now! Just look at the source code that shit is CLEAN (ignore the style section)
well learning javascript has been fun but now... now i SLEEP
November 8, 2022

Hi, sorry it's been a while!
I've created a JSON to act as a standardized database for every segment[Obscured] release, and it can be viewed here. This will be used to update the music page to add a sorting feature, and also to have an automated release list.
It's been fun learning JavaScript for this, I hope to get more things on this site automated and less messy :v
And add more features, of course. It's hardly an archive without extensive features :p
October 7, 2022

Cleaned up the code a littttle bit, and I also finally finished the genre page! However, I do not yet have pages for the genres themselves, so... stay tuned.
I also added pages for a couple of other albums, but I didn't want to add a new update for each one. Plus, this adds the element of adventure! Go, visitor, go out and look for the pages that actually exist! >:D
September 4, 2022

I wrote a page for the very first album I actually couldn't find any info on, the eclectic and experimental Sourde by Jacquemort. Really recommend checking this one out.
I also wrote a page for the second album archived on segment[Obscured], 11th release from the mysterious black metal label Rhinocervs.
September 1, 2022

I finished the page for There Is No God and He Is Your Creator, the first release uploaded to the YouTube channel as well as the reason this project was started!
It includes a track-by-track overview written by yours truly, here it is if you wanna check it out!! :)
August 28, 2022

finally finished adding every track to the random page.
im going to bed sleepy
August 27, 2022 (cont.)

Ok so I'm about halfway done with adding all the songs to the random page and I'm realizing how tedious and time consuming this is so PEOPLE BETTER USE IT HERE IT IS AAAAAAA ABSORB THE RANDOM SELECTION INTO YOUR EARS
August 27, 2022

Finally added all of the photos in the music tab! Now all I need to do is add an individual page for each one
I also added a random tab that plays a random song, so now all I need to do is copy paste the video IDs of each individual song and the start/end times of each song for the full albums.
im sure theres a more effecient way to do this but i forgot everything about javascript so oh well
August 25, 2022

Added the first few albums, so it begins. I haven't listened to them in a little while, might be nostalgic.
August 24, 2022

Just finished up the home page, adding all the music will be quite the endeavor :v