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Jacquemort - Sourde


Release date:

Experimental, Avant-Folk, Minimal Synth, Spoken Word
Katapult Communikations [KPLP 001-4] (Canada, C30 Cassette Tape)

Music and lyrics by Mathiue Lachance

Martin Bédard, Yannick Plamondon, Luc Trottier - sound design

Carl Poulin - choir, design

Denis Mar - bongos on "Au bord du monde", choir, percussion

Mathieu Lachance - vocals, bass/acoustic/electric guitar, synthesizers, piano accordion, harmonium, harmonica, percussion, sampling

All previous releases in this archive have been available online elsewhere previous to uploading, whether that be on some obscure blog or shared by someone on SoulSeek. However, this is the first album that I could not find any information on anywhere on the internet. I looked at pretty much every source I know, and nothing, either about the label Katapult Communikations or the album itself.
I have since created a page on Discogs, but at the time? Yes, I was excited.

I found this cassette in a shop in Québec, a pretty small place. It sold a variety of vintage items like books, records, signs, posters, and Playboy magazines. But in the back, there was a little section with a bunch of cassettes.

This one stood out to me immediately. The cover has that minimal DIY-cassette-culture style that I've become familiar with, and also bears a striking resemblance to the icon for my main channel, which only further endeared me.

So I pulled it out and looked it up to see what I would be in for, but I found nothing. Not a trace on the internet. I looked into it further once I got home, and found a band on Discogs also called Jacquemort, but due to the discrepancy of time and genre, I doubt it's the same people. However, looking at the album's credits, it appears that the driving force behind this project was one Mathiue Lachance. He did have a page on Discogs, and looking at his discography... Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is our guy. I am definitely going to check out his music, it looks like precisely the type of thing I would be into.

This album is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. Strange off-kilter guitar, eclectic synthesizers, haunting atmospheres. I really like this release, and I am proud to (possibly) be the first person to upload it online. The Québec home-taping scene is not something to miss out on.

If you have any more information about the band or the label, please contact me.

Written September 4, 2022