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Rhinocervs - RH-11

Release date:

Atmospheric Black Metal
November 2011
Rhinocervs [RH-11] (United States, Cassette, ltd 75) (2012, Reissue, ltd unknown),
Final Agony Records [Final Agony 33] (United States, 12" Vinyl LP, 2014, Remaster, ltd 222) (Test Pressing, ltd 33) (Gray Marble Vinyl, ltd 111)

[UNTITLED] by [UNKNOWN ARTIST], more commonly known by its original catalogue number RH-11 from the label Rhinocervs, is a moody atmospheric black metal album, originally released in limited quantities on cassette, and remastered three years later for vinyl by Final Agony Records.

I found this album initially on RateYourMusic while scrolling through the [Unknown Artist] section, and the cover art really stuck out to me. It was so mysterious, and the vast desolate soundscape of the music just added to that.

If you look on RateYourMusic now, you'll find it changed from [untitled] by [Unknown Artist] to RH-11 by RH-11 (for some reason). A comment on the page says, "Put it back as unknown artist - untitled it matched the mood", and I am inclined to agree.

This album was actually my first introduction to black metal, and I enjoyed it quite a lot at the time, especially the first track. Even now, I still prefer it to many popular black metal releases. The growled vocals common within the genre tend to turn me off of a song, but the fact that they're so subdued in the mix makes them just a part of the atmosphere instead of standing out almost confrontationally.

That being said, the one major complaint I have for the album is how quiet the drums are in the mix, which is really a shame. This album has some damn good black metal drums.

Similar to TINGAHIYC, this release no longer meets the criteria to be archived, as the album in its entirety was already available on YouTube. I just uploaded the track individually to make it easier to share. However, it's a continuation of the cassette aesthetic that, if all the images on this page have loaded properly, you can probably tell have influenced segment[Obscured] a lot.

Favorite track: The Hellish Triumph

Written September 2, 2022