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Dudgrick Bevins - NEVER[HEARS] N0123NOISE

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Experimental, Drone, Noise
Dudgrick Bevins
August 24, 2021
Lost Notes Media [LNM-081] (United States, Cassette, ltd 18)

Remixes of N0123NOISE (Zach L.)
Cover by Mikey Hope

Dudgrick Bevins Bandcamp Page
Lost Notes Media Bandcamp Page

"N0123NOISE works on a conceptual and meditative level. They open with an extended bit of dialogue or part of a lecture, some piece of communication that leaves you in an existential crisis. But then, rather than comfort you with the distraction of traditional music, they bombard you with rich layers of staticy noise. Noise that is plain and unyielding. Noise that offers no escape from the ravages of old age, death, human cruelty. What I have done in these remixes is attempt to give voice to the contemplation that plagues me, to the echo chamber of my mind. Using only a circuit bent tape deck and DAW based digital effects, I condense two 45 minute albums into two 20 minute tracks. Layers of their static and crunch and build then fade away, silence becomes a desperately needed enemy, and the words never stop echoing."

It's nice to see people still appreciating N0123NOISE though it was ended as a project in 2019. I wish I could have grabbed a physical release of this, but oh well :P

Written September 6, 2022