hi im raina
i run segment[Obscured], as well as a myriad of scallions and scallion accessories.

i initially started the segment youtube channel in order to more easily share obscure music with my friends, and segment the albums into multiple videos. thus the name >:)

the first music shared was the compilation "there is no god and he is your creator", the origin of the signature yellow

the goal of the channel was to find odd music that didnt exist on youtube or any streaming services and make it more accessible, as a sort of music discovery platform.

theres some cool shit out there that deserves way more attention, and i wanted to shove it in peoples faces dammit

however, as i moved on from digital hoarding into the physical world, i came across some albums that had literally no presence on the internet

i was originally just gonna upload the music to the channel and make discogs pages for them (which i did end up doing), buuut discogs image quality sucks, and i need to get better at html anyway.

so yeah, thats my schtick.

if youd like to contact me for any reason, well let me tell you there is a page for that i think you would love :v